Kiwanis Seeking Fund-Raising Partner

Willmar Area Non-profit Organizations serving Needs of Children are invited to apply to be our Partner to raise funds on the fifth annual Kiwanis Peanut Day, Saturday September 15.  Our theme this year “Helping the Children.”

Kiwanis Peanut Day is celebrated by Kiwanis Clubs throughout the world. On Kiwanis Peanut Day a small packet of shelled peanuts is given to passersby at various locations within Willmar in hopes that they will be motivated to make a contribution. This year our goal is to raise at least $15,000; however, our success will depend on how well we plan and implement Kiwanis Peanut Day with our community partner.

The applicant should be a 501(c3) organization eligible to receive tax free donations; however, we will consider new organizations that have not yet achieved that status.

Our focus is meeting the needs of children in the Willmar area. There are some needs that are ineligible such as single disease appeals, debt reduction, endowment additions, and providing assistance to a single individual. Eligibility and selection of a Partner is solely at the discretion of the Willmar Kiwanis Club. We may contact you with questions, ask for an interview, or rely solely on your submission.

The selected partner will be invited to a Kiwanis noon meeting to energize our membership by explaining the proposed program to them. Further, the partner’s board of directors will be invited to our Peanut Campaign Gala dinner, the date, time and venue of which will be announced.

To apply please submit the following:

  1. Organization name and address
  2. Brief history of your organization, how it is funded and staffed
  3. Your specific “Help the Children” proposal and how it will impact children in the Willmar area.
  4. Which, if any, other service clubs or non-profits are supporting your proposal?
  5. How will you partner with Kiwanis on this project; i.e. how many persons will participate in working on Peanut Day, how many hours will be committed, what publicity can be provided, etc. Will your Directors (Board) be a part of the effort?

 Our goal is to know we have made a difference in children’s lives. Last year we rose over $15,000, partnering with the Harmony Visitation Center. The financial arrangement will be the same this year. Our Partner will receive up to the first $5,000 raised, for your organization, in excess of costs. Additional funds raised, if any, will be split 50-50, to be disbursed by each of our organizations exclusively for additional children’s charitable purposes.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at (320)222-1121, or

Proposals are due no later than May 23, 2012 and may be submitted to Clinton Rierson, 228 Valley View Dr. SE, Willmar, MN 56201, or E-mail

We wish you well and thank you for your efforts in serving our community.